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The Comprehensive Advantages of LED Lights

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LED lights

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are often touted for their long life and energy efficiency. True, these are two important considerations when selecting a lighting system for your home or office. But there are many other factors to consider. Financial considerations always play a big part in your decision when buying the most appropriate lighting system. This article provides information on the most important advantages of LED lights.

5 Most Important Advantages of LED Lights


1. Impervious to vibrations

car led lightning
LEDS are largely impervious to vibrations since they don’t have glass enclosures or filaments. The lifespan of incandescent and discharge lamps can be largely affected by vibrations when used in industrial settings. This is why LEDs are extremely helpful in transportation systems such as trains, planes, and automobiles as it can resist the vibrations when used in these applications. LED lights also offer resistance to breaking during transportation, installation, storage, and handling.
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2. Provides full brightness almost instantly

Most fluorescent lamps will not provide the full brightness immediately after being turned on. These units can take more than three minutes to reach its full output. On the other hand, LEDs turn on almost instantly. This is quite beneficial to high-security installations. It is also important for vehicle brake lights. LED lighting systems illuminate 200 milliseconds faster compared to standard incandescent lamps. This will help provide an additional stopping distance of 19-feet at highway speeds of 65 mph.

3. Unaffected by the negative effects of on-off cycling

LEDs are impervious to the negative effects of the on-off cycling. The high starting voltage erodes the emitter material that are coating the electrodes. Thus, the lifetime of fluorescent lighting systems is reduced when the rate of on-off cycles is increased. But LEDs have an advantage in this department compared to other lighting systems. In fact, there is no negative effect on the LED’s lifetime due to these reasons.


4. Effectiveness in cold temperature

Cold temperatures usually present a challenging environment for fluorescent lamps. But LED’s efficacy would increase when operating temperatures drop. This is why LED lighting systems are considered a natural alternative to cold storage facilities, freezer cases, and refrigerators. CALiPER testing of LED lighting under cold temperatures measured a 5% increase or higher efficiency at -5C compared to the operation at 25C. Dimming is another area where LED lighting systems score highly as LED lights are easily dimmed, but great care must be taken when used between different hardware devices. LEDs have better dimming performance when compared with CFLs (limited range) or HID lighting systems.

5. Capability of mixing multiple types of chips

One of the most important advantages of LED lighting systems is the ability to mix multiple types of chips in a single product. Blue, green, and red chips can be combined to make white light. The different shades of LEDS can be combined to create light with varying colour temperatures. LEDs do not emit much infrared and ultraviolet radiation compared to other lighting systems out there. This helps increase the efficacy of the system and reduce the potential for undesirable consequences. These are some of the most important advantages of LED lighting systems.

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