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Vanguard Investments Offers Top-Rated Mutual Funds & ETF’s

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Whether you’re looking at mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, Vanguard investments are quite popular. There are of course other fund families that are popular picks, too. However, Vanguard is highly recommended and is often the choice of robo advisers. Are you familiar with robo advisers?


These are online sites that provide people with a brokerage account and invest their money in exchange-traded funds. The commissions are kept to a minimum, but the funds offered are also kept to a minimum. One of the robo advisers, Acorns, has a Nobel Prize winner on retainer that selects the funds used for the investment app. When it comes to government and corporate bonds, he strays from Vanguard, but Vanguard funds are otherwise the only ones selected.


Betterment and Wealthfront also use Vanguard funds, but they mix in other types of funds as well. If you’re looking at investing in these types of funds, you can do so with Vanguard directly, too. There are more Vanguard funds than you might think, so if you want to pick and choose, you’re not going to want to go with a robo investment app. They will, of course, choose for you, with the exception of the allocation of your funds according to investment risk.


When you’re looking at all the funds Vanguard has to offer, you might find it difficult to decide which ones to put into your investment portfolio. That is when it pays to look more closely at the funds and also narrow down the list by seeing which funds are recommended by top market analysts. For example, one of the top investment sites out there has a listing of the top 10 Vanguard funds.


Just remember that you want to look at many factors before you decide on which funds to put in your portfolio. Narrowing the field by looking at which ones are considered the top-rated funds is a good first step. Then, you need to start looking at what makes up each fund. For example, VDIGX is a fund that invests in dividend stocks. While each fund is diversified, you’ll also want to diversify your portfolio in general by selecting funds in different asset categories.


Not only can you look to see how the funds are ranked, but you can look at their ratings, too. For example, on that authority site, I see that VDIGX is given a grade of A+, but this site assigns another grade too, known as the ‘risk grade.’ When you select funds for your investment portfolio, you need to be looking at your own risk profile to determine which funds fit the criteria.


Maybe you’re close to retirement, and a growth stock fund isn’t something you’re interested in when it comes to your investment goals. Now, when selecting funds, it’s also important that you look at the track record of those funds. How many years have the funds been around? Moreover, what is the rate of return over the last year, five years, ten years and beyond?


If all of this seems overwhelming to you, that’s why those robo advisers are getting quite popular. They not only know how to automatically diversify your portfolio with certain types of Vanguard funds, but they know which funds are top rated. They have done all the homework, which means all you have to do is deposit the money. Of course, there are still commissions charged, and doing your own homework can save you from having to pay those commissions.


Now, what you can do is look at what these robo advisers offer and then model your own portfolio after them as you invest with Vanguard directly. It’s up to you how you want to handle your investing, but you’ve been told what to look for in a good Vanguard mutual fund or exchange traded fund. ETF’s are known for lower commissions in general, but they can also be more volatile at times.


The main point here is that you need to be investing for your future. Furthermore, Vanguard Investments is a leading company when it comes to funding choices. Familiarize yourself with what they have to offer and what you need to do to start investing and saving for retirement.

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