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homeAre you wondering if there was a way for you to make better and more informed investments? At Piqqem, we tap into the Wisdom of Crowds as well as the timeless wisdom of financial and stock market experts, allowing us to deliver information, advice and tips about sound investing.

Piqqem – Financial Solutions at Your Fingertips

Whether you are a veteran investor or trying your hand at investing for the first time, we have just the right solutions for you. We employ a balanced approach to investing. Our aim is to strike a balance between proven investing principles and dynamic, innovative approaches that have worked quite well for a lot of younger investors. However, we stay away from “fad” investments, but stay grounded on sound investment principles. With all these financial solutions at your fingertips, you can protect your finances and take control of your investments.

Investment Opportunities

At Piqqem, we help you identify new investment opportunities. We will equip you with the strategies you need to seize these opportunities. Moreover, we want to ensure that you gain mastery of your investments and portfolio in an ever-fluctuating market.

Whether it’s analyzing the latest earnings reports or discovering new market trends, we are here to help you make an informed decision on where to put your money.

Financial Freedom

Simply put, you want to invest to attain financial freedom. That’s what everyone wants. By putting your money – intelligently – in a variety of investment options, you’ll have plenty of money for practically everything including education, recreation, housing and retirement. You may have a few thousand dollars saved or you may have nothing right now. Whatever the case, Piqqem will help get you going on the road to financial freedom.

How Piqqem Can Help You Beat the Market

Join Piqqem now and enjoy limitless access to important investment and financial information that are unobtainable elsewhere. Financial information and advice that were previously unobtainable are now at your beck and call – enabling you to follow market trends and beat everyone to the draw.

We matter a lot when it comes to enhancing your bottom-line.

Join Piqqem today!


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Benefits Of Opening Mutual Fund

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There are many debates about if one should open a mutual fund or not. This usually means a person needs to spend their time considering their options, so they can end up making a perfect choice. A lot of times people are very confused because they do not even know the difference between the two types of accounts. However, it is vital that one takes some time to the side to search actually and gather their understanding in a deeper manner, so there is less confusion and the option or route they choose is perfect for them and their future.

currency investment

What I A Mutual Fund


To start off with, let us discuss what a mutual fund is. This is a fund that is amazing because it introduces a person to a wide range of different ways of making investments. A mutual fund is usually between made a man and wife but does not limit it to this. You can create a mutual fund with anyone that you trust. This means that this is an open-ended fund between the two of you so that two people do not have restrictions on how they would like to spend the capital and where it goes. Sometimes it is not open-ended, and this means that there are signs of both people needed before the fund is used or touched in any way. This is obviously a safer route ti take, which is why people consider it. Having both people have access to the fund makes it easier for many people who may be live apart or travel a lot. However, they can relax and live their life at ease because to go forward with the fund you will need to have access to it through signature or the person being there.


It Is Easier


The main benefit of having a fund like this one is that it will be easier for the person. Having someone else be able to handle the account for you is sometimes ten times easier than having to run around and do all the work. However, just make sure that the person you are sharing your account with is someone that you apparently trust and would be wanting to share your fund with. Usually, this is two adults that are sharing a capital because two of them work and are contributing to it. Again, this does not limit to two working people, but there are many different scenarios of people who could benefit from something like this.


Less Restrictions


If you have an open-ended mutual fund, it is perfect for someone who does not want a lot of restrictions. This means that any of the two can go to the fund and take out money without the other knowing. This also means that you can take out as much money as you want from the limit that is set with the bank or wherever it is that you have your fund placed. Having this option may be a little risky for others, but on the flip side for people who are wanting a very straightforward and easy fund to live with, this will sound like the best option for them. It is easy to use, a lot more accessible than other funds and ideal for two people who might be sharing but spend da lot of time apart due to work or traveling due to work related issues. One has to look at the relationship between the person they are sharing their mutual fund with, to decide on if an open-ended fund suits them or not.



Closed Ended?


You may ask what is a closed-ended fund then? Well, since we have talked about an open-ended the great news with mutual funds is also the fact that one can stay private. Two people can have their own collections, but keep it in one single box. This keeps everything a lot more neat and organised, but you are basically sharing them as assets. This is great for people who need their space when it comes to their investments or even their bonds. If this is something for you, then you should look more into it online.

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The Major Types of Mutual Funds

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mutual fund investments

Money Market Funds


This type of funds most usually invests in fixed income, short-term securities.  Examples would be government bonds, T-bills (Treasury bills), banker’s acceptance, CD (certificates of deposit) and commercial paper.  These are considered a safer form of investment, but also have a lower potential for return.


FACTOID:  Commercial paper is a short-term debt issued by a corporation.  This is usually done for purposes of funding accounts receivable or meeting short-term liabilities.  Maturity is not longer than 270 days.

Fixed Income Funds


As they name says, these are investments that pay a fixed rate of return over a specified period.  They can be compared to governments bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and high-yield bonds.  The point of these funds is to generate capital regularly, accomplished mainly through generated interest.  High-yield corporate bonds carry, in most instances, a higher degree of risk than comparable funds that hold only government or investment-grade bonds.


Equity Funds


Equity funds invest in the stock market, and while they can generate substantial returns, they are also subject to a high degree of risk.  It should be noted, there are different types of equity funds, some specializing in growth stocks (those types usually do not pay dividends), income funds (which as the name implies focus on stocks that pay dividends), value stocks, large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, or a variation of all of these funds, actually spreading the risk.


Balanced Funds


As the name implies, this type of funds seeks to hold a diversity of positions in equities and fixed income securities.  This is designed to balance the risk/reward ration allowing greater potential growth while limiting the downside.  While careful thought goes into the actually acquit ion, the initial selection is most often based on a formula or algorithm, which can help narrow the field.  This type of fund would carry more risk than fixed income, but less than a fund based on pure equity.  The actual split of acquisition will depend on whether the fund is aggressive or conservative.


Index Funds


An index fund will focus on the performance of a particular index, such as the S&P 500 Index.  The actual value of the mutual funds will rise or fall as this index fluxgates in the marketplace.  In most cases this type of fund will have lower costs to the investor since the management of same is less involved and requires less research.


Active Management compared to Passive Management


If the fund manager (or team) is actively involved, they are likely buying and selling investments in an attempt to stay ahead of (or outperform) the market or pre-determined benchmark.   Conversely, a passively managed fund would have a portfolio of securities that are themselves designed to track the performance of the index they are watching.  The actual holdings of the fund would be adjusted only if there is an adjustment within the components of the index itself.


Specialty Funds


These funds focus on specifics like commodities, real estate or companies that have a social cause behind them.  Examples could be green (environmentally conscious) companies or those focused on human rights and diversity among races or medical research.  They may also purposely steer award from investments that touch on alcohol and tobacco.  They may also avoid companies that participate in military endeavors or weapons.



While most funds invest in specifics stocks, indexes or causes (as outlined above) there are also funds that simply invest in other funds they believe will rise in value.  This type of fund could be compared to a balanced fund, making diversification a natural choice for an investor.


Before making an investment, it’s important you understand not only your own but the financial goals of the fund itself.  While doing this, it’s important you understand the risk involved, then compare that to your level of risk vs. reward.  It’s important to realize that while two funds may be of the same type, their risk, and potential return will likely not be the same.  The savvy investor will take the time to not only do their own due diligence but seek the advice of a financial advisor before making any major decisions.

Style of Investing


While not always readily apparent without research, the portfolio manager will often have different approaches or mindsets concerning how they invest the fund’s assets.  By spreading your money among different types of styles, which is another way to diversify your investments.

Four Approaches to Investing


Top Down


This investing attempts to look at the larger economic picture, then find industries they feel will do well in that environment.  They then make investments in those companies or (sometimes) companies within a country, they feel will thrive.




This investing focuses on companies that are performing well, no matter where they fit within the economy.

Combination of Approaches


When a portfolio manager handles a global position, they may seek a combination of if top-down and bottom-up approaches.  This allows them the greatest flexibility to build out their portfolio of stocks.


This article is designed as a gateway for further study into the fascinating, sometimes frustrating world of investing.

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Details on Investment Company Securities

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investment security

An investment company is someone investors rely on to deal with their financial decisions. It is like giving someone else a chance to run the portfolio you own, and many passive investors use this method to remain on top of things.


It works well for them because they can take a step back and let the company do the work for them. Many investors don’t know enough about this and therefore stay away when they should not because the value is there.


Let’s pour into the details.


Role Of Investment Company


An investment company is a group of professionals who are responsible for taking securities on and reinvesting them to make money. Both parties make money out of the deal, and that is where things come together. The idea is to use the securities that have been accumulated and make them grow for a long time to come.


The benefit is going to help both the investment company and those who are investing.


When the investment goes up, both parties win, and that is why it makes it a good option for investors. You have a motivated company that has to work hard to make money for itself




The investment company is going to work with the idea of securities. These are tradable assets that are provided to the investment company by an investor with the hopes of making it grow. The investment company takes responsibility for the security and makes sure to help it grow.


They will take the value that is being invested and then re-invest it for growth based on smart decisions they are going to make.


This can be done in some ways that are going to be shown below for those who are eager to make a decision.




This is the first type of security that an investor is going to have in front of them. This is going to involve the use of debentures, bonds, and banknotes. A person can use debt as a means to invest based on other assets they might have.


This is a unique option and one that some investors like to use because they prefer the look of the option and how it works in the long-run.


This is going to depend on the investor, and it is best to make a risk-reward decision on this end and see what the investment company can do.




The second type of security would be derivatives, and many investors feel this is one of the most important ones. The idea with this is to focus on investing in common stocks. Those who are investing in the stock market and looking to see growth and then flipping.


There are variations in the stocks, and the investment company will work on this to make sure it all comes out as needed.


The investment will grow based on an established rate and the decisions being made are going to be done with this in mind. Derivatives are a popular choice for many.




The last type would be equity, and some investors think this is the way to go. With equity, you are looking at investors putting in money for futures, forwards, swaps, and options. The company is responsible for making these decisions and will do so based on the risk profile of the person and what they want from the portfolio.


There are variations to what a person will want, but equity is more of a long-term play that is used to grow the portfolio with the investment company at the helm. It works for a lot of people.

Regulations Are Binding


The government does not let an investment company work on its rules and regulations. The government has full control over how things are done, and they run checks to make sure everything is being done legally. Each area is going to have its legalities and those have to be assessed by the company and those who are running the securities.


It is best to be aware of these legalities as an investor before joining in on the fun and getting involved. This makes it easier to be reasonable with the decisions being made in the long-run.


This is what the investment company can bring to the table for those who are dealing in securities. An investment company can bring real change in the life of an investor, and a lot more work is done without having to think about it.


The investor can make choices they want based on their risk assessment and let the professional take care of the hard work that has to be done. The profile is then managed from there based on what should be done next as that is key.


For most, investment companies are the best way to go.

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Benefits Of Investment In Assets

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calculating assests for investment

When you are not careful, you are going to despise being an investor. You are going to hate the reckless nature of some of your investment. What is the safest thing you can do as an investor right now? Is it investing in stocks? Is it something else?


You have to think about investing in assets. This is your biggest play at the end of the day. When you have significant assets, you have the base to launch from that is going to help you see results.


Let’s talk more about this topic to see what the benefits are for investors.


Enables Growth


These assets are going to appreciate if you are clever about what you are investing in. There is a reason most people go ahead and get properties under their name and spread from there. These properties are not going to stay stagnant for long when it comes to their perceived and actual value.


They are going to rise, and that is the beauty of choosing assets and getting them under your name as soon as you can.


It will just make it easier for you to get a return in the end.


Diversifies Portfolio


You have to look to expand as much as possible. The worst portfolio is one where you are only putting money in one thing. This includes putting too much money in assets, and that is all you end up focusing on. You have to spread things out as a smart investor because that is what the best do.


You cannot just assume one thing is going to work. It might right now, but what about 5-10 years from now? Will it remain the same or are you going to be looking towards a horrible battle that is not easy to win?


Increases Net Worth


You are also investing in something that is going to help your net worth. You can acquire something that has tangible value and something you will be able to flip down the road if needed. This is a powerful place to be in, and you don’t want to go down a route where you are only going after things that are non-assets.


You want to remain patient enough to see there has to be a balance for you to succeed as an investor in this day and age.


Provides “Currency” Of Sorts


It is going to give your currency. What does this mean? Are you getting cash out of compiling assets and investing in them? No, you are not getting money for the task, but you are getting currency that you can flip. Let’s say you get a house; you can see it appreciate and then flip it in the long-term.


This is why putting money in assets is something you should be aiming to do. You want to try something where you have a currency that can be turned into cash down the road. Sure, you might not need it, but why not keep it on hand?


New Opportunities


Never forget you are going to need to look at new opportunities as well. You can’t keep investing as others have, or you will lose out. You won’t be able to push forward, and that is only going to hinder your development as a person and as an investment.


Now, new opportunities don’t mean you are going to take a risk and lose out. You are just making the right decisions that are going to make your portfolio look better and help you with the returns that you are getting every year. That’s the beauty of new assets


Investment has to be wholesome for you to do well. It is easy to get lost in one thing and assume that is your goldmine. It might be the biggest earner for you as an investment, but that is not all you have to look at. You need to think about things at a higher level than this for you to do well.


This is the only way you will be able to make the most of your situation. If you don’t do this, you are just going to hit a rut eventually, and that is the worst.

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Vanguard Investments Offers Top-Rated Mutual Funds & ETF’s

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saving money for investments

Whether you’re looking at mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, Vanguard investments are quite popular. There are of course other fund families that are popular picks, too. However, Vanguard is highly recommended and is often the choice of robo advisers. Are you familiar with robo advisers?


These are online sites that provide people with a brokerage account and invest their money in exchange-traded funds. The commissions are kept to a minimum, but the funds offered are also kept to a minimum. One of the robo advisers, Acorns, has a Nobel Prize winner on retainer that selects the funds used for the investment app. When it comes to government and corporate bonds, he strays from Vanguard, but Vanguard funds are otherwise the only ones selected.


Betterment and Wealthfront also use Vanguard funds, but they mix in other types of funds as well. If you’re looking at investing in these types of funds, you can do so with Vanguard directly, too. There are more Vanguard funds than you might think, so if you want to pick and choose, you’re not going to want to go with a robo investment app. They will, of course, choose for you, with the exception of the allocation of your funds according to investment risk.


When you’re looking at all the funds Vanguard has to offer, you might find it difficult to decide which ones to put into your investment portfolio. That is when it pays to look more closely at the funds and also narrow down the list by seeing which funds are recommended by top market analysts. For example, one of the top investment sites out there has a listing of the top 10 Vanguard funds.


Just remember that you want to look at many factors before you decide on which funds to put in your portfolio. Narrowing the field by looking at which ones are considered the top-rated funds is a good first step. Then, you need to start looking at what makes up each fund. For example, VDIGX is a fund that invests in dividend stocks. While each fund is diversified, you’ll also want to diversify your portfolio in general by selecting funds in different asset categories.


Not only can you look to see how the funds are ranked, but you can look at their ratings, too. For example, on that authority site, I see that VDIGX is given a grade of A+, but this site assigns another grade too, known as the ‘risk grade.’ When you select funds for your investment portfolio, you need to be looking at your own risk profile to determine which funds fit the criteria.


Maybe you’re close to retirement, and a growth stock fund isn’t something you’re interested in when it comes to your investment goals. Now, when selecting funds, it’s also important that you look at the track record of those funds. How many years have the funds been around? Moreover, what is the rate of return over the last year, five years, ten years and beyond?


If all of this seems overwhelming to you, that’s why those robo advisers are getting quite popular. They not only know how to automatically diversify your portfolio with certain types of Vanguard funds, but they know which funds are top rated. They have done all the homework, which means all you have to do is deposit the money. Of course, there are still commissions charged, and doing your own homework can save you from having to pay those commissions.


Now, what you can do is look at what these robo advisers offer and then model your own portfolio after them as you invest with Vanguard directly. It’s up to you how you want to handle your investing, but you’ve been told what to look for in a good Vanguard mutual fund or exchange traded fund. ETF’s are known for lower commissions in general, but they can also be more volatile at times.


The main point here is that you need to be investing for your future. Furthermore, Vanguard Investments is a leading company when it comes to funding choices. Familiarize yourself with what they have to offer and what you need to do to start investing and saving for retirement.

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The Comprehensive Advantages of LED Lights

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LED lights

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are often touted for their long life and energy efficiency. True, these are two important considerations when selecting a lighting system for your home or office. But there are many other factors to consider. Financial considerations always play a big part in your decision when buying the most appropriate lighting system. This article provides information on the most important advantages of LED lights.

5 Most Important Advantages of LED Lights


1. Impervious to vibrations

car led lightning
LEDS are largely impervious to vibrations since they don’t have glass enclosures or filaments. The lifespan of incandescent and discharge lamps can be largely affected by vibrations when used in industrial settings. This is why LEDs are extremely helpful in transportation systems such as trains, planes, and automobiles as it can resist the vibrations when used in these applications. LED lights also offer resistance to breaking during transportation, installation, storage, and handling.
See also: Comparison Chart –  LED Lights vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. CFLs

2. Provides full brightness almost instantly

Most fluorescent lamps will not provide the full brightness immediately after being turned on. These units can take more than three minutes to reach its full output. On the other hand, LEDs turn on almost instantly. This is quite beneficial to high-security installations. It is also important for vehicle brake lights. LED lighting systems illuminate 200 milliseconds faster compared to standard incandescent lamps. This will help provide an additional stopping distance of 19-feet at highway speeds of 65 mph.

3. Unaffected by the negative effects of on-off cycling

LEDs are impervious to the negative effects of the on-off cycling. The high starting voltage erodes the emitter material that are coating the electrodes. Thus, the lifetime of fluorescent lighting systems is reduced when the rate of on-off cycles is increased. But LEDs have an advantage in this department compared to other lighting systems. In fact, there is no negative effect on the LED’s lifetime due to these reasons.


4. Effectiveness in cold temperature

Cold temperatures usually present a challenging environment for fluorescent lamps. But LED’s efficacy would increase when operating temperatures drop. This is why LED lighting systems are considered a natural alternative to cold storage facilities, freezer cases, and refrigerators. CALiPER testing of LED lighting under cold temperatures measured a 5% increase or higher efficiency at -5C compared to the operation at 25C. Dimming is another area where LED lighting systems score highly as LED lights are easily dimmed, but great care must be taken when used between different hardware devices. LEDs have better dimming performance when compared with CFLs (limited range) or HID lighting systems.

5. Capability of mixing multiple types of chips

One of the most important advantages of LED lighting systems is the ability to mix multiple types of chips in a single product. Blue, green, and red chips can be combined to make white light. The different shades of LEDS can be combined to create light with varying colour temperatures. LEDs do not emit much infrared and ultraviolet radiation compared to other lighting systems out there. This helps increase the efficacy of the system and reduce the potential for undesirable consequences. These are some of the most important advantages of LED lighting systems.

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Taking A Close Look At Your Investment Options

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investment options

You’ll want to do more than just save money if you want to plan for a strong financial future. Even though savings can be beneficial, you won’t wind up with much more than you already have. The interest rates on savings accounts won’t provide you with that much money.


While you should continue to set aside some money to put towards savings, you should also set aside money to invest. Your investments should be able to grow very quickly. You can quickly turn a little bit of money into a big pile of cash.


Here are a few of the things you should try to remember as you look at your investment options:


Don’t Invest Everything You Have


Investments are a risk. While a lot of popular investments are low risk, you should still make sure that you’re protected if your investment doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.


Don’t invest all your savings into something. Instead, try to have an investment fund that’s separate from your savings. If your investments go well, your savings should grow exponentially. If one of them falls through, however, you’ll still have plenty of money to fall back on.

Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In A Single Basket


A lot of people think it’s smart to put all of their investment money in the same place. After all, that will give them more money to work with. However, most experts recommend making several different kinds of investments instead.


The financial market goes through various changes. You want to be able to make money no matter what the market is like. Find all kinds of ways to invest. That way, you’ll always have extra money rolling in when you need it.


Take Your Time


A lot of people jump into investing without giving it much thought. They try out something that sounds promising, like forex investing, and wind up losing a lot of money as a result.


When you’re making an investment, it’s always best to take things slow. Research the investment method and make sure you do things right. If you’re interested in forex, for example, you may want to spend time with a demo account before you spend any money on the real thing.


Even though making multiple investments is smart, you don’t want to jump into everything at the same time. Start out with a single kind of investment. If that goes well, you can put some of your earnings towards an additional investment. Keep that up until you have several additional sources of income. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can earn if you approach investing with care.


Talk To An Expert


If you want a clear look at your investment options, you’ll want to get some advice from an expert. Make an appointment with a financial adviser. They should be able to make a number of investment suggestions that will help you to grow your number further.


You will also need to help of an expert if you want to pursue certain kinds of investment options. As an example, you’ll have to work with a broker if you want to invest money on the stock market. There are some kinds of investments that you can’t do on your own. You might need help if you want your investment to succeed.


Figure Out How Much Work Your Investment Will Require


Sometimes, people make an investment without considering how much time and money it will really cost them. A common example of this is real estate investment. Someone may invest in a property with the intention of fixing it up and flipping it for a profit.


However, some kind of investments requires more time and money than the average investment has. If you have a full-time job to worry about, you may not be able to handle a real estate investment.


Before you make any sort of investment, figure out how much work it will really require. How many hours will you need to put in each week in order to make your investment a success? What will happen if you ignore your investment?


If you don’t have a lot of free time, look for an investment that will require minimal effort on your part. An investment that requires time you don’t have will wind up being a waste of your money.


Investing is something you need to be careful about. Even though investing can be very beneficial, it definitely has its risks. People who don’t show caution may run into problems.


Once you’ve considered all of your options, you should be able to make some smart decisions. You have a lot of different investment options available to you. It’s up to you to determine what the best choice available is.

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Why Investors Invest In Rental Real Estate

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Investors can invest in a number of ventures such as pre-existing businesses, Forex trading or even real estate. The most common type of investment, as we’re starting to find out, is real estate ranging from turnkey condo complexes to smaller, single-family homes. As the economy and the real estate market changes, one thing that investors can be assured of is that property prices will still retain their values (if chosen wisely) and will provide a good return on the investment– whether now or years later depends on the area.


Of course, as with any other type of an investment, there’s the possibility of failure, especially if the investor didn’t do their homework. Not all properties are going to retain their values and if the home isn’t in a desirable neighborhood, renting or selling can be a seemingly impossible task. But, if you persevere and make wise choices, here are a few reasons real estate investment could be right for you:


  1. Ongoing Cash FlowOf course, the most common reason that investors invest in real estate is because it provides an ongoing cash flow for years to come. Since you’ll have solid passive income that you can easily depend on, you can focus on building a career, traveling or opening your own business.The reason many people choose real estate is because it’s fairly easy to get started and pretty much everyone can make the decision to invest, depending on their budgets, of course. If you ever hit a rough patch in your life and you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, real estate investing can tide you through.


  1. Your Property Will Appreciate In ValueMost investors choose to purchase a property and rent it out for a few years until the mortgage is paid off. The fortunate thing about owning an investment property for years is that the price will appreciate in value. Sure, the economy may take a turn for the worse, property values may decline in a neighborhood or a number of unforeseen circumstances may happen, but if you hang onto the property, it will eventually appreciate in value.With that being said, it’s important to know where you’re pouring your money. If you’re hoping a downtrodden neighborhood will ever turn around for the better, think again. You need to find a family-friendly area where you know people will find it desirable to live years from now.


  1. Protection Against InflationThe price of things we purchase regularly such as gas and groceries will continue to rise over the years. The problem is, that meanwhile, prices of items we need will increase, the value of money earned through work will decrease. One way that you can combat the crippling effects of inflation is by choosing to play it smart and invest in real estate.Your fixed-rate mortgage won’t increase on the property, but the value of your property will. Since inflation will ultimately increase the costs of living, that means you’ll have more money flowing into your pockets.


  1. You’re Not Responsible For Mortgage PaymentsWhen you take out a fixed-rate mortgage loan for your property, you’re not the one saddled with the responsibility of having to pay it back. Each month, the tenant you rent the property to is responsible for making payments on time, therefore, you’re one step closer every year to paying off your mortgage.30 years from now or whenever your mortgage is completely paid off, you will have a piece of real estate that is completely debt-free. Of course, it’s important to screen your tenants and check their credits because you need to make sure that when you rent your property, the tenant is actually going to be making prompt payments.


  1. You Control Your FinancesIf you’re employed by a corporation or an important law firm, you have absolutely no control over the outcome of your future. Though most people don’t count on getting laid off, it can always happen to you, even if you’re not prepared for it. To avoid taking a massive hit should your career take a turn for the worse, you should invest in real estate.Many investors like the fact that real estate investing allow them to control their futures. For example, if competition increases in the rental market, you can still control the outcomes by increasing your advertising efforts. Should the value of the property become affected, you still have the opportunity to make the necessary repairs and renovations to increase its value. At the end of the day, it’s the number one way to know what the future holds.


Most people are terrible at saving money and even worse at making wise investment decisions. Fortunately, real estate investing is the one place where everyone can do minimal research and still come out on top. Your real estate investment can be the perfect gateway to a peaceful retirement.

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How Do Fund Managers Share & Use Investment Info?

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Investment Information

A fund manager is a professional who manages assets or groups of assets. These could include bonds, shares of stock, and other kinds of securities. It could even include assets like real estate. Typically, these fund managers have certain goals they have to meet in order to please groups of investors.

Fund Management Vs. Asset Management

Asset management: This term usually refers to managing a collection of assets.

Fund management: This is a more general term that could be used to describe managing different kinds of institutional investments or managing funds that private, individual investors hold.

Money or portfolio management: This term is usually applied to asset managers who work for private investors.

Information That Fund Managers Use

Whatever they call themselves, all of these fund managers use similar tools to gather, analyze and share information about investments. These tools may include the following:

  • Financial analysis of company financial statements
  • Asset and stock selection
  • Ongoing monitoring of how well assets actually live up to goals

The Size Of the Fund Management Market in the USA

A number of assets that are professional might astound some folks. According to a study by one consulting firm, the total number of assets that were professionally managed amounted to $62.4 trillion by 2012. This was an all-time high.

Despite how large this market is, there aren’t a huge variety of funds that are commonly used. These are some statistics to support this point:

  • The number of funds totals about 70,000.
  • Just about 99 percent of all American investment money got invested into only 185 different funds.
  • Even more surprising, over half of all of these fund managers say that most of their investment dollars get invested into only three different funds.

Fund managers may also specialize or cover several different aspects of this field. For example, some mostly do research, others make deals and settlements while some may spend most of their time preparing reports for and meeting with clients. Big fund management companies are very large and complex, but there are self-employed fund managers who cover a variety of aspects of this profession by themselves or with a very small staff.

In any case, the amount of funds that fall under the protection of these managers has grown substantially. These are some examples of these different kinds of funds broken into various types:

  • Conventional assets: About $80 trillion
  • Pension: About $30 trillion

For pension funds, for example, there was an almost even split between mutual and insurance funds.

Compliance Reporting for Fund Managers

The government has begun to get a bit more involved in the way that these funds are managed. There is some talk they may get more involved in the future. That means that fund managers must be careful to guard sensitive information and make necessary reports to the government at the same time. In the US, fund managers control a great portion of the country’s wealth.

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Financial Investment Advice For Young People Just Starting Out

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Investment Computation

There are financial experts that will tell you that people need to follow a certain plan of action when they save money, but each person is different. Even those experts will, of course, acknowledge that, but they still tell you things like save up your emergency fund first and max out your IRA or 401k contributions before funding other investments. Finances are different and unique to each person. I do agree with saving up an emergency fund, but there are still different ways to look at this.

For example, I use an app that invests my money in ETF’s, and if I ever want to withdraw my money, I simply withdraw my money. It’s that simple, and if anything is needing immediate attention, I use a credit card. There are some financial experts that would tell most people not to even use a credit card. Do you have control over your finances? Some people aren’t able to stay in control of their credit, and I wouldn’t recommend those people using credit at all.

When it comes to financial investment advice, what you have to do is write down your goals and objectives. How old are you? What type of investments do you like? You need to have an open mind, but again, everyone has their preferences. Investment options are always changing, so that is another reason why there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to use an app like the one I use to invest my spare change. One of the most important things I’m going to tell you in this article regarding investment advice is to stay the course. Don’t go from investment to investment trying to make a quick buck. Analyze those goals you wrote down, think about what investments can get you there, get serious about putting money away for retirement and stay the course.

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are especially not investments for people to use for a few months and then cash out. To realize the best returns from the compounded interest and dividends, you need to stay invested for years and build. You can instead make an initial investment and leave it sitting there, but who has that kind of money laying around?

Some people do have quite a bit of money to invest, but you don’t have to in order to get started. The market is just right for the small investor these days, so don’t feel intimidated. You can simply sign up for some accounts without even depositing any money. Once you are familiar with the platform, you can then make a deposit and invest as little as five dollars at a time.

You do have to think about commissions, but my point is my investment advice is to simply get started and stay the course. That is what derails so many people. They don’t get started, and then when they do, they don’t get what they expect so they quit. You have to realize that investing is a long-term activity. If you’re wanting to make money quickly from throwing money at an investment and getting back a return, put your money into real estate and hope for the best.

If you want to be an investor, be a classy investor that puts his money in there and continues to build a nest egg. It’s about retirement, and it’s about getting ahead with your finances and not spending your money and switching it from account to account all the time. As for individual investment choices, you’ll win some and lose some, but if you invest wisely, overall you will have a nice rate of return.

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